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Shop Local

We believe in our community. We live, shop, donate to and appreciate the local neighborhoods that have supported Bianchini’s over the years. “Local” has become a buzz word that is often used by national chains, but at Bianchini’s we embrace TRUE LOCAL. We live in the community that we serve and we are proud to show it.

By shopping local we all:

  • -Keep money in our community
  • -Embrace what makes our community
  • -Create jobs for our neighbors
  • -Help our local environment
  • -Nurture our community
  • -Invest in entrepreneurship

We seek out local farmers and producers to bring you the best quality and freshest foods for your family. We look for products you won’t find in chain stores and take pride in creating opportunity for small companies.

Some of the local farms and businesses we proudly feature at Bianchini’s are:

Think local. Shop local. Stay local.

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