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Diestel Range Grown All Natural Fresh Turkey

Antibiotic & hormone free, no animal by‑products, more meat to bone ratio than commodity turkeys and raised on a low vegetarian diet of corn & soybeans.
12 lbs - 20lbs
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Mary's Free Range Turkey

These turkeys are raised on healthful grains and allowed to roam in areas four times the size of the average commercial turkey ranch. You won't find any antibiotics, animal by-products, preservatives or hormones in a Mary's Free-Range Turkey.
8 lbs - 25lbs
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Complete Turkey Dinner

Our Thanksgiving meal is fully cooked and will need to be reheated. Warming instructions provided with the dinner.
Meal includes:
- 10-12 lb. Diestel Turkey -
- 5 lbs. Mashed Potatoes -
- 2 Quarts Corn Bread Stuffing -
- 2 Quarts Green Beans -
- 1 Quart Turkey Gravy -
- 1.5 lbs. Roasted Butternut -
- Squash and Cranberries -
- 1 Pint Cranberry Sauce -
- 1 Dozen Dinner Rolls -
- 9 Inch Fresh Pumpkin Pie -
8-10 servings
8-10 servings
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Diestel and Mary’s petite and large sizes, heritage, organic, and prebrined birds are also available while supplies last. Please call the store to preorder.

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