Exclusive to Bianchini’s

L’Etivaz Swiss cheese, imported from Alpe Tompey in the Swiss Alps, is available exclusively at Bianchini’s. This special variety of cheese is Gruyere style, meaning it has a sweet, slightly salty flavor, and a creamy texture. As it matures, the flavors become more assertive, and the cheese develops a slightly grainy texture. Unlike most Gruyere style cheeses, L’Etivaz cheese can only be produced between May 10th through October 10th, and must be produced over an open fire, and then and aged in the L’Etivaz cellars for a minimum of 135 days.

The Zjorien Family, members of the Adopt an Alp program, wakes up very early each morning to make their special L’Etivaz Swiss cheese. Astonishingly, this family can produce 5 to 6, 55 lb. wheels of cheese a day! This nice family was kind enough to allow us to film their cheese making process. We brought back a 3/4 wheel of this special cheese, with more will arriving in November. Bianchini’s has adopted this Alp for the past two years. And in doing so, we’ve had amazing experiences and were given access to specialty cheeses you can’t find anywhere else.

Join the Adopt an Alp program, support transhumance and get rewarded with Alp cheese. Transhumance is the process of moving farmers, their family and the animals to the highlands in the summer and the lowlands in the winter. This ensures that the cows have a varying diet, by not eating the same foods, their milk produces new, natural flavors, which results in a higher quality, better tasting cheese.